Create the perfect plan for you.

Unleash your creativity with access to hundreds of thousands of
curated photos, fonts, graphics, templates, add-ons, and themes.


Downloads / month

$49 / user / month


Downloads / month

$99 / user / month


Downloads / month

$199 / user / month

Downloads / month

$ / user / month

billed annually - save $

includes Enhanced Licnese for seats

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Work Faster Together Illustration

Work faster together.

Invite your teammates to share a pool of downloads, collaborate on Projects, and find the perfect assets to bring your creative work to life. And with unlimited downloads and team accounts, you’ll be able to grab everything you need to get work done fast.

All Your Assets Illustration

All your assets, all in one place.

Organize your assets by client, project, or campaign, where everyone on your team can contribute. You’ll even be able to track all assets you’ve downloaded and used in your work, so you can stop wasting time looking for lost assets again.

Smart Recommendations Illustration

Smart, personalized recommendations.

Stop searching — get personalized recommendations tailored to your clients, projects, and activity on Creative Market Pro. Smart suggestions anticipate what you’re looking for to deliver the right assets without all the effort.

Design Confidence Illustration

Design with confidence.

With worry-free commercial licenses and up to $250k legal indemnification, you can trust assets from Creative Market Pro in your most high-priority work.


Use the chart below to help determine which license works best for you and your team.


Basic License

Enhanced License

Digital Impressions

Unlimited Unlimited

Physical End Products Not for Sale

Unlimited Unlimited

Digital or Physical End Products for Sale

500 copies Unlimited

Video and Broadcast Usage

Unlimited Web Views
(YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
Unlimited Web, TV and Film Production Views
(Netflix, Hulu, Cable TV)

Font Usage

Unlimited Desktop Use Unlimited Desktop & Embeddable Use
(embed in ebooks, web fonts, apps, epubs)

Legal Indemnification

Up to $10,000 per asset Up to $250,000 per asset

See the full licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? We've got answers.

What is Creative Market Pro and how does it work?

Creative Market Pro is a curated design asset subscription that offers access to a library of unique fonts, graphics, templates, add-ons, photos and themes. Plans are highly customizable with options to select the number of assets you can download each month, the license that best fits your needs, and the ability to add additional team members to download and use assets.

How does Creative Market Pro work for teams?

Creative Market Pro offers team-focused features such as asset management, project collaboration, and pooling downloads to share across your team. You'll also have the ability to easily manage your team's users and permissions levels.

What is Legal Indemnification?

If your proper use of an asset results in an infringement claim, we’ve got your back. All assets on Creative Market Pro are covered by Legal Indemnification of up to $10,000, and that amount increases to $250,000 when you choose an Enhanced License. Read the details here.

Under what license are Creative Market Pro assets covered?

Based on your subscription, your assets will be licensed under the Basic or Enhanced License. The Basic License provides flexible rights that work for most commercial projects, but with reasonable limits on usage. The Enhanced License removes most limits to offer even greater rights. Read more about our licensing here.

Do I need to pay royalties for assets I download on Creative Market Pro?

No, your subscription fee allows you to use all of the assets you download from Creative Market Pro royalty-free.

How many times can I use an asset?

A downloaded asset may be used in one project. As an exception, installable assets such as fonts and add-ons may be used in an unlimited number of projects, but are licensed on a per-user basis. To license an asset for an additional project, you can simply re-download the asset again, which also helps to ensure that the creator is properly compensated.

What happens if my subscription ends?

You must have an active subscription in order to use downloaded assets in any new work you create. If your Creative Market Pro subscription ends, the license to use assets in new works expires. Assets incorporated into projects before your subscription ends will continue to be licensed.

What if I don’t see a plan that fits my needs?

Let’s talk! We’d love to hear more about what you need from a Creative Market Pro plan. Get in touch with us here.