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Warna Slides - Best Multi-Purpose PowerPoint Template for Business, Startup & Creative Agency

Hello, awesome people! Please take your time to read the product description, you may have just found the best presentation template for your business! :)

Is this product a bundle? Maybe yes, maybe not. Please scroll down to read our product FAQ


  • 2,000+ Core Slides
  • 107 Exclusive Themes (16:9 & 4:3)
  • Basic Icons
  • Multiple Color Schemes (252)
  • Font Options* (40)
  • Theme Auto Adapt
  • Free Lifetime Update
  • Free Support
  • 1 Price, 1 Product, Multiple Styles
  • Watch our demonstration videos to learn more

  • Basic Icons available for ‘Basic Version’ of Warna Slides
  • To unlock exclusive icons/vectors, you have to buy our Ultimate Version.
  • All files are provided in PPTX format.
  • All graphics resizable and editable.
  • Images are not included. Contact us if you’re looking for a specific image.
  • Free font used. Link available to download
  • Auto Adapt 16:9 – Just like with other templates, you may need to make very minimal adjustments of the copied content.
  • Auto Adapt 4:3 – You may need to make some adjustments (resize) to the image placeholders.
  • PowerPoint is a vector program, so you can print in A4/Letter or any size without worrying about vector/image quality.
  • The price of the products on our website and the Creative Market differs due to the commissions charged.

CORE SLIDE CATEGORIES (Initial Release, August 23, 2017)

  • Front Page
  • Profile Page
  • Services / Bullet Points
  • Team Page
  • Timeline
  • 3-Steps / Bullet Points
  • 4-Steps / Bullet Points
  • 5-Steps / Bullet Points
  • 6-Steps / Bullet Points
  • 7-Steps / Bullet Points
  • 8-Steps / Bullet Points
  • Pros & Cons
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Illustration
  • Charts & Data
  • Numbers
  • Maps
  • Portfolio
  • Devices
  • Catalog
  • Pricing Table
  • Contact Info
  • Section Break
  • Pictorial Content Added on August 27, 2017
  • Typography Bonus


These categories make it easy for you to choose the theme that suits your project. You can use any theme from any category for your project. Be creative and good luck! 🙂

Inital Release: 50 themes - Today: 114 Themes available to use!

  • Business
  • Creative
  • Magazine
  • Pitch Deck

Note: More new slides and categories will be added.


1. What is Warna Slides?

Warna means 'color' and it comes from the Malay language. Warna Slides means colorful slides. Not only colorful, but also various styles!

2. Is this product a bundle?

Maybe yes, maybe not.

  • Yes, it's a bundle that comes with a lot of slides.
  • No, it's not like bundle products you've seen in the market today!

If you look at other bundle products, you can not simply copy and paste slides from template A to template B as it may affect the structure of the template.

What makes Warna Slides so special?

You can copy and paste from 'Core Slides' to theme A to theme B to theme C easily. Content such as fonts and colors in slides will automatically adjust according to the theme you have selected, including Slide Title and subtitle.

3. Copy & Paste?

Yes, you have to copy and paste. That’s how our products work! Easy and simple to use.

You can copy and paste from ‘Theme A’ to ‘Theme B’ to ‘Theme C’ or copy and paste back to Core Slides. You can delete the default theme’s front page and replace it with another theme’s front page.

Content like fonts and colors will automatically adapt to your theme.

4. How to start my presentation project?

Option 1

  • Choose the theme you want to use for your presentation project.
  • Open your ‘core slides’ file.
  • Copy the slide you want to use.
  • Paste it into your project.

Option 2

  • Create your project in any ‘Original Theme’
  • Select all slides in ‘Original’
  • Paste into your desired theme

5. I like this theme, but I do not like the color scheme. Can I change it to another color?

You can change your color scheme at any time.

  • Go to Design, Variants, Colors
  • Change to the color you want to use for your project

Note: Please watch our demonstration videos in screenshot section

6. Your font looks a bit small and thin in the preview, can I change to a thicker and bigger font?

Yes. We have 40 fonts options (Initial Release). 20 thin/minimal and 20 fat/normal size. We will add more option later.

You can request or suggest a new font to us.

Note: Please watch our demonstration videos in screenshot section

7. There are no color and font options in my PowerPoint. Why?

You need to install our color scheme and font options first before you can use it. Easy steps to install have been provided in our help file.

8. Can I transfer slides from old template to Warna Slides?

Yes, you can. If you want to transfer slides from your old template to Warna Slides, you can move content in your slides only.

More info available in product documentation.

9. Do I need PowerPoint to use your slide?

Yes, you need PowerPoint 2007 (minimum) to be able to open PPTX format. If you don’t have PowerPoint, we recommend you to download here: https://products.office.com/en-us/try

10. Why we recommend using the latest version of PowerPoint

That’s because we provide lifetime updates, you do not need to buy another template anymore. Use your money to try the latest version of ‘Microsoft Office’.

The latest version can avoid any problems while using our template.

Download here: https://products.office.com/en-us/try



Normal slides deliver information, Warna inspires people to dream - Create a jaw-dropping presentation with our collection of high quality presentation assets simply add your content to the mix. With Warna, we have tried and tested templates for all your roles.


Warna is created to make creative work easier - Take a few minutes to create production-grade presentation. With just a few clicks, you can create a fully customized presentations based on specific branding requirements.


Warna convert prospects into customers - Warna can deliver your message with presentations that are memorable and engaging, and very persuasive. Studies confirm the persuasive power of stories. People are more likely to relate and react to your message when you engage them on a human level.


Warna is your secret weapon to present your unique vision - Increase impact, grow influence and boost your productivity with Warna. Ideas presented graphically are easier to comprehend and remember than those presented as words.


Warna Slides is for everyone! - Use Warna for any project. Warna Slides is created by creative people for awesome people!


Key: Core Slides (CS) , Warna Theme (WT)

V1.2.2 – (07/01/2018)

  • New: 7 new themes

V1.2.1 – (16/12/2017)

  • New: About Me
  • Added: 40 new slides in CS About Me
  • Added: New slides in CS Charts & Graphs

V1.2.0 – (6/12/2017)

  • New: Table Category
  • Added: 22 new slides in CS Table

V1.1.9 – (2/12/2017)

  • Added: 26 new slides in CS Services (B)
  • Added: 20 new slides in CS Pricing Table

V1.1.8 – (30/11/2017) - 2,000+ Slides

  • Added: 134 new slides in CS Portfolio

V1.1.7 – (22/11/2017) - 1,950+ Slides

  • Added: 25 new slides in CS Team

V1.1.6 – (20/11/2017) – 1,900+ Slides

  • Added: 100 new slides in CS Profile
  • Moved: Pictorial category in to Profile

V1.1.5 – (18/11/2017)

  • Added: 50 new slides in CS Profile

V1.1.4 – (13/11/2017)

  • Added: 40 new slides in CS Contact Information

V1.1.3 – (12/11/2017)

  • Added: 33 new slides in CS SWOT Analysis

V1.1.2 – (30/10/2017)

  • Added: 2 new slides in CS 3, 4, 5 steps
  • Added: 8 new slides in CS Pros & Cons

V1.1.1 – (22/10/2017)

  • New: 2 new themes (Total 107 themes)

V1.1.0 – (15/10/2017)

  • New: 6 new themes (Total 105 themes)
  • Added: New colors and fonts

V1.0.9 – (8/10/2017)

  • New: Call To Action Category
  • Added: 20 CS Call To Action

V1.0.8 – (1/10/2017)

  • New: 3 New Themes

V1.0.7 – (30/9/2017)

  • Added: 17 CS Devices
  • Added: 21 CS Timeline
  • Fixed: Cloud Storage Download Link

V1.0.6 – (27/9/2017)

  • New: 4 new themes

V1.0.5 – (24/9/2017)

  • New: 17 New themes
  • Added: 50+ CS Profile Page
  • Added: 20 Gradient Slides for CS Numbers
  • Added: 13 Gradient Slides for CS Graphs & Charts

V1.0.4 – (18/9/2017)

  • New: 5 New themes
  • New: Cloud Storage Download
  • Added: 22 new CS Services
  • Added: 4 new CS 3, 4 & 5-Step Process

V1.0.3 – (2/9/2017)

  • Added: 10 new CS Team Page
  • Added: 50+ new CS 3 Steps
  • Added: 50+ new CS 4-Steps
  • Added: 50+ new CS 5-Steps
  • Added: 10 new CS 6-Steps
  • Added: 3 typography styles

V1.0.2 – (27/8/2017)

  • New: New Category Added – CS Pictorial Content
  • New: 49 slides added in CS Pictorial Content
  • Added: 4 new CS Front Page

V1.0.1 – (25/8/2017)

  • New: 15 new themes
  • New: 4 font options XML
  • Fixed: Core Slides (CS) color correction
  • Fixed: CS Team Page subtitle not in place

V1.0 – Initial Release (23/8/2017)

Image Not Included

  • Pexels – Free Stock Photos
  • Unsplash