Wine / Restaurant Mock-Ups Set

by vatesdesign in Graphics / Product Mockups

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop


There are 4 high res .psd files containing:

Wine bottle, glass and sommelier knife mock-up in the style of Dutch paintings Fancy vintage signboard in European town setting mock-up Bottle on corks mock-up Wine bottle, wine packaging box, corkscrew and cork mock-up

You can easily put your branding designs on these mock-ups by editing flat smart objects. All objects are separate layer groups with plenty of layers for more control. Advantages

  • High quality, almost all of the objects / surfaces are hand painted
  • High resolution, plenty of possibilities for cropping or scaling down.
  • Modern advertising feel.
  • Originality&Uniqueness


Founding Shop

Illustrator keen on vintage style, calligraphy, ornate crests and emblems.