Bodega Script Classic Copperplate

by vatesdesign in Fonts / Script


I admire 18 century pen masters and wanted to create my version of classic copperplate script. So I made Bodega Script which I believe is elegant and fancy and yet easy to read and not over-decorated. This font best fits vintage logos, lettering works, wedding stationery, fashion labels, custom cards headers, badges, food packaging designs, especially wine labels. Actually a lot of good wine was consumed while crafting this type :) The font has plenty of ligatures, as there are a lot of fancy letter connections. Also I offer a decent amount of stylistic alternatives for many letters.

NOTE, that you'll get full access to font options only in Open Type savvy applications like InDesign or Illustrator More on how access OpenType features in Adobe Applications you can find here:



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Illustrator keen on vintage style, calligraphy, ornate crests and emblems.