Something Wicked Collection

by Seasalt & Co. in Add-Ons / Actions

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop
  • Photoshop Elements


Comes with an array of stunning tones giving images your choice of Charming Tones, Wicked Tones and/or Enchanting Mattes. Even stack these actions to achieve even more alluring effects. Includes 43 Photoshop Actions and 22 add-on graphics for your editing needs such as creepy birds, tree branches, skies and MORE!

This collection includes:

  • Creative Color Toning
  • Moody & Ethereal Effects
  • Special Photo Effects
  • “Play All” action options

NON-DESTRUCTIVE, STACKABLE & CUSTOMIZABLE Every one of our action collections are developed so that you have full control over every aspect of each action providing you the flexibility to experiment for endless creativity.

BUILT FOR OPTIMIZATION Tried and true our actions are unmatched by any other product in the market and are built with the fewest steps as possible thus allowing you to genuinely speed up your workflow.



  • CHARMING | Once Upon a Dream
  • CHARMING | Fairest of them All
  • CHARMING | True Loves Kiss
  • CHARMING | Prince Charming
  • CHARMING | Fanciful Fairies
  • CHARMING | Under the Sea
  • CHARMING | Ice Palace
  • CHARMING | Forest Friends
  • CHARMING | Pumpkin Carriage
  • CHARMING | Kiss the Girl
  • CHARMING | Snow Queen
  • CHARMING | Glass Slipper
  • CHARMING | Happily Ever After
  • CHARMING | Play All Charming Tones


  • WICKED | Stormy Night {Adds Rain}
  • WICKED | Foggy Forest {Adds Fog}
  • WICKED | Queens Lair
  • WICKED | Crowing Crows
  • WICKED | Poisoned Apple
  • WICKED | Fallen Fairy
  • WICKED | Huntsman
  • WICKED | Mirror Mirror
  • WICKED | Sea Witch
  • WICKED | Wicked Stepmother
  • WICKED | Forbidden Mountain
  • WICKED | Evil Queen
  • WICKED | Old Hags Cackle
  • WICKED | Potion of Evil
  • WICKED | Spinning Wheel
  • WICKED | The Uninvited
  • WICKED | Touch the Spindle
  • WICKED | Malicious
  • WICKED | Play All Wicked Tones


  • ENCHANTING | Heigh-Ho {Warm}
  • ENCHANTING | Magical Wonderland {Peachy Warm}
  • ENCHANTING | Coronation {Strawberry Lemonade Tone}
  • ENCHANTING | Biddibi-Bobbidi {Soft Rosey Blue}
  • ENCHANTING | Stoke of Midnight {Dark Bluish Purple}
  • ENCHANTING | Midnight Hours {Dark Green Tone}
  • ENCHANTING | Fairy Godmother {Dark Purple Tone}
  • ENCHANTING | Smitten {Airy Pink Tone}
  • ENCHANTING | Heroine {Lemon Blueberry Tone}
  • ENCHANTING | Dream is a Wish {Airy Clouds}
  • ENCHANTING | Play All Enchanting Mattes


  • ADD-ON | Stormy Night {Adds Rain}
  • ADD-ON | Foggy Forest {Adds Fog} (brush)
  • ADD-ON | Dark Vignette
  • ADD-ON | Light Vignette



  • Works with English versions of PS.
  • Adobe® Photoshop® CS6-CC & PSE 11-15
  • Fully compatible with both PC and Mac
  • NOTE Our products are designed to be user-friendly as possible, however you will need basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to use any of our products.



  • Include ATN. file versions for Adobe® Photoshop® PS CS6-CC, PSE 11-14 and PSE 15+.
  • File folder containing overlays

At Seasalt & Co. we spend countless hours developing the best tools for our users. Our workflow tools go through rigorous testing phases to ensure the best results for our users. Every one of our Action collections are developed so that you have full control over every aspect of each action providing you the flexibility to experiment for endless creativity. Our actions are built with the fewest steps as possible for optimization, thus allowing you to speed up your workflow. Our artistic enhancing tools are able to compliment all genres of photography as well as evoke an emotional response from your viewers.

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