Mantera is a type of script with clear and bright clean appearance.This font is great for your creative projects like logos, printed quotes, invitations, cards, product packaging, headers, logotype, letterhead, posters, clothing designs, labels, and so on.

Mantera is equipped with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, accents (Multilingual characters) Consists of +564 glyphs (includes some OpenType Features such as ligatures, Stylistic Alsternate Characters, Stylistic Set, Swash, etc.). It also has many tails with different shapes and widths to give it a look.

Files included:

  • Mantera Script.otf
  • Mantera Script.ttf
  • Mantera Script Alt.otf
  • Mantera Script Alt.ttf
  • Mantera Script Alt1.otf
  • Mantera Script Web Font

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