Procreate Brush: Painter's One Brush

by Mila Garret in Add-Ons / Brushes

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Procreate


This versatile brush for Procreate and iPad Pro is suitable for Painting, Drawing, or Lettering.

PLEASE NOTE: This brush is ONLY compatible with Procreate App for iPad. It won't work in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.

All examples above are created entirely with this one brush.

  • The pressure sensitive settings make it perfect for making both thin and thick lines.
  • You can tilt the angle of your Apple Pencil to cover large areas quickly or make thicker strokes.
  • You can use it for softening edges or blending by lowering the opacity.
  • A Lettering version of this brush is included (with the Streamline setting turned up for smoother curves). You can write directly in a calligraphy style, or slowly build up the shape of your letters for lettering.
  • You can use as a smudge brush to mix colors and create painterly brush strokes.


  • Painter's One Brush .brush file
  • One Brush Lettering .brush file


  • Procreate App 4
  • iPad Pro
  • Apple Pencil


Importing Brushes one at a time

  • You must first unzip the .zip download, which contains the .brush files. If you are downloading directly to your iPad, you may need to download an app than will unzip the .zip file first.
  • Put the .brush files onto your choice of location (Dropbox, iCloud Drive). If you use Dropbox, also have the Dropbox app downloaded on your iPad.
  • Tap on the brush symbol in the menu. If you have a particular brush folder you want to import into, have that one selected/open.
  • Tap the plus sign + in the upper right corner.
  • Tap 'import' on the upper right corner.
  • Select the location of the .brush file and the brush file you want to import.
  • The brush will be imported.
Mila Garret

Mila Garret

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Hello! I'm Mila, a creative with a love for drawing and letters. I make Procreate brushes, fonts, and other neat stuff.