Subtle Distress Texture Pack

by Matt Borchert in Graphics / Textures

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop


Hand Made:

In the digital age it's easy to get caught up with creating all of your work on the computer. It's fast and efficient, but sometimes the end result feels a bit cold and digital. All of these textures are hand made to give the end result of your digital project a warm hand made feel that conveys a sense of craft and quality that's tough to achieve with the standard filters and effects that programs like Photoshop provide. The best part is you get all of these textures without creating the fantastically huge mess that I did while creating them!

High Quality:

I hate finding what I think is going to be the absolute perfect texture just to open it up and learn that it's far too small or too blurry for what I'm trying to create. I like to create large high quality files when I'm working, so I've created all of these textures at a massive 15" x 15" at 300 PPI (that's 4500px by 4500px). These textures will be big enough for almost any task that you throw them at, and you won't have to worry about trying to scale them up without creating a blurry mess in the process.

Let's Make Great Things Together:

Have any questions about using this pack? I'm here to help! Just ask in the comments below or send me a message. Also to make things as easy as possible I've created a video going over exactly how I like to use these textures, and included a ton of tips and tricks that will have you adding texture like a pro! Just watch the video here, and you don't even have to purchase the package to see all the tips =) :

Bonus Action Included:

As a bonus I have also included a Photoshop action that gives these textures a transparent background with a single click. The action will work on both textures and photos, and it doesn't destroy the original texture in your file. A little bit of time saved can really add up when you're using textures daily, so this action will hopefully make your workflow just that bit more efficient. Watch the action's how-to video here:

Stats at a Glance:

  • 30 Premium Textures
  • .JPG Format
  • 15" x 15" @ 300 PPI (4500 x 4500 px)
  • Bonus Action - Give Textures Transparent Backgrounds with One Click!
  • Helpful Video in Description Above - No Purchased Required!
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