Vintage Texture Pack Vol. 1

by Matt Borchert in Graphics / Textures

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  • Photoshop


After many hours of paging through old books and scanning the very best finds in, the Vintage Texture Pack Vol. 1 is here!

I think that this texture pack will help you apply a very authentic and unique look to your designs as all the elements were pulled from old etchings from various illustrations and product drawings. The end result is 30 high resolution textures that are sure to end up as a prized element in your texture archives! I left many of the edges of these textures "soft" to give the soft vintage look when applied, but you can adjust the levels on them as needed to give the level of crispness desired for the project at hand.

Also many of these textures work excellent inverted as well as the way they are shown here, so expect a lot of flexibility in how these can be used when you bring them into your designs.

All textures are in .jpeg format and are 15" x 15" @ 300dpi with 30 textures in total. The three larger images at the bottom of the second swatch card are shown as small swatches as well in the above 2 pages, but I wanted to show a little bit more detail on a couple to give a good idea of how these look.

*Please note that the swatches shown display the ENTIRE texture at a greatly reduced scale.

Matt Borchert

Matt Borchert

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