30 Subtle Vector Textures

by Matt Borchert in Graphics / Textures

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Illustrator


Textures are an AMAZING way to add a lot of character to your work, but sometimes those textures remove so much of your designs or illustrations that they simply overpower what you're working on.

This Subtle Vector Texture Pack tackles that problem head on by giving you 30 subtle vector textures that allow you to distress your work, without destroying what you created in the process.

Each texture was made by hand, scanned in, and digitally perfected to produce the best results possible. Although every texture is subtle in appearance, there is a lot of variation in overall coverage in these textures to allow for a huge amount of versatility when using them. You can also apply multiple textures from this package to a single item to allow for even more options to choose from when working.

The end result is a set of high quality vector textures that won't leave you second guessing your purchase. These 30 textures were selected from HUNDREDS of initial scans to only include the ones that really made sense to bring into a vector format.

Still not sure? Be sure to download the 6 free vector textures that listed at the top of the description. These 6 textures were created at the same time as this pack, but are totally different than the 30 included textures inside this pack. Although they're free, they're every bit as good as you'd expect a premium texture to be.

So purchase these textures and start creating! As they say, a little bit of texture can make it better! =D


  • 30 Subtle Textures
  • Vector Format - Infinite Scalability without Loss of Quality
  • .EPS Format (works in Adobe Illustrator or similar vector programs)
  • Diverse Selection of Subtle Textures
  • Six Free (Unique) Sample Textures - Read Top of Description to Download!

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