Vector Fruit Illustrations

by linstudio in Graphics / Illustrations

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch


Fruit Basket is a collection of 20 hand drawn vector fruit illustrations. Each illustration features highly detailed, realistic line work and a painterly, slightly offset color fill to give your project a truly organic look.

Some greats things about Fruit Basket:

Versatility: You get the original .AI files so the stroke width, color fill and size are changeable.

Detailed Line-work: Every illustration is highly detailed without losing the overall essence of the fruit, so they are easily identifiable at any size.

Various Themes: These illustration can work in an endless number of projects including beauty care products, restaurant, farming or grocery websites, food packaging, or maybe just a t-shirt with an enormous pineapple on it (I may actually try this ;-) The only limit is your imagination!

Multiple File Types: With Fruit Basket you get everything you need to use your illustrations right away:

  • 3 .AI files compatible with AI CS4-CS6 for customization
  • 1 .EPS file
  • 1 .PDF file
  • Individual .PNG files
  • Individual .SVG files for web usage

I had so much fun with every aspect of this project and can't wait to (literally) try my hand at more sketchy illustrations. I hope you love them too and please share any awesome projects you use them in!



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