50 Heart-Shaped Vector Icon Set

by Linseed Studio in Graphics / Icons

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch


Simple-Hearted is a set of 50 simple, geometric heart-shaped icons with a slightly retro feel to them, designed for visual impact and versatility. Their minimal, thin-lined look makes them easily adaptable to any project. Be it an iOS app, a quirky business card, a charming tote bag, or a large-scale storefront sign, they are designed to look great at any size.

Why you'll love Simple-Hearted:

Versatility: All of your icons are delivered as .AI files so you have complete control over the final look: change the stroke width, fill, color, or size to fit perfectly into your awesome design.

Minimal Look: I've created this icon set with visual simplicity in mind. The gentle, thin-lined presentation lends itself to design projects of any size.

Various Themes: Whether you're going for sleek, retro, cute, medical, fitness, romantic...these icons work conceptually for a wide variety of designs.

Multiple File Types: With Simple-Hearted you get everything you need to use your icons right away:

  • 3 .AI files compatible with AI CS4-CS6 for customization
  • 1 .EPS file
  • 1 .PDF file
  • Individual .SVG files for web usage
  • Individual .PNG files at 64px and 100px sizes

I loved creating these icons and I hold the end product very dear to my...ok enough with the heart puns. I hope you love them too!

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