35 Vector Pharmacy Icons

by linstudio in Graphics / Icons

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch


Pharmacy Counter is a collection of 35 pharmaceutical themed flat icons in 5 different styles: Thin Line, Thick Line, Cyan Fill, Hand-Drawn and Full-Color. Themes include: pills, capsules, pill bottle, pestle and mortar, ointment, medicine bottle, medical forms, inhaler, pharmacy scales, birth control pills, online/mobile pharmacy, pharmacy building, pill organizer, medical marijuana, eye drops, pharmacist, shopping cart, beakers, chemistry, blood pressure, and more.

Some great features of this set:

Customizable: You get the original layered .AI files so the stroke width, color fill and size are all easily changeable if desired.

Carefully Crafted: From line work to color fill, every icon has been meticulously designed for visual impact and optimized for different sizes.

Multiple File Types: You get everything you need to use your icons right away:

  • 3 sets of .AI files compatible with CS6 for customization
  • EPS files
  • PDF files
  • Individual .PNG files
  • Individual .SVG files for web usage

Thanks so much for checking out Pharmacy Counter and feel free to let me know about any awesome projects you use them in!



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