Futuristic Solia Sans Display Font

by linstudio in Fonts / Display


Introducing Solia Sans - a sleek and sexy sans-serif display font inspired by a recent stay in the beautiful city of Seoul and the Korean alphabet (Hangul). It's wide letterforms with low cap heights aim to be futuristic without being sterile, with small accents and alternate glyphs making it unique and alluding to the minimal geometry of Hangul characters. Solia Sans is remarkably versatile and can work beautifully for projects related to cosmetics, technology, luxury high-end buildings, vehicles, restaurants etc., apps and games, conventions and events, and many more. Each mono-line character is precisely crafted and the font family carefully spaced and kerned for a consistent, elegant flow.

This package includes:

  • Solia Sans Regular, Solia Sans Oblique and Solia Sans Condensed including letters, numbers and special characters pictured above
  • Alternate styles for specific characters
  • OTF and TTF file formats

I hope you love Solia Sans and please feel free to ask questions, make suggestions or share work you've created using it!



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