Feminine Background Textures

by Laras Wonderland in Graphics / Textures


Welcome to a vibrant and feminine collection of elegant artistic backgrounds!

This set comes with trending brush strokes, hand-painted marbles and artistic acrylics, refined with a touch of gold for an overall elegant and stylish look. These are perfect as stylish background textures for graphics and advertise, speaking to a mostly feminine audience and bringing vibrant, colorful accents to a design.

This trending package contains a huge variety of artistic and creative backgrounds in the latest trends and colors like pink, rose gold, pale shades and vibrant neon mixes. They are sure to catch the eye on websites or social media but also go great on a variety of physical goods, such as phone cases.

Included items:

  • 70 digital papers in JPEG format and high-resolution, at least 3000 px and 600 dpi
  • organized in folders after collections
  • at least 40+ completely different designs & lots of style & color options (scroll through all the pictures above to see all the styles :))

I hope you enjoy the vibrant collection - If ever you have a question, just let me know! I'll be there as soon as possible.

Laras Wonderland

Laras Wonderland

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I love making sweet supply with an elegant twist. With a heart for creative entrepreneurs and an obvious love for floral illustrations :) Follow on Instagram for inspiration and lovely freebies: https://www.instagram.com/laras.wonderlands/