50 luxury gold & marble textures

by Laras Wonderland in Graphics / Textures


PLEASE NOTE: All previews show the textures at 100% zoom. These are Photoshop render textures that may appear blurry first, as they are compressed in the previews. You will see the crisp effect and structure upon zooming in.

This set of versatile metallic textures covers a huge variety of colors and styles, ranging from classic gold to trending rose gold and brushed silvers. They are all at your fingertips and are sure to save you a lot of time when creating text overlays or textured graphics. Metallic textures have become a huge trend in design and this set is already a classic, providing you with all the different styles you need to make graphics stand out.

The set contains lots of different looks, from glowing gold foil effects to iridescent pearly styles to use as overlays for amazing texts, patterns or graphics. Please do keep in mind that these are Photoshop foil styles with repeating texture and are more recommended as overlays than to use "in whole", for example as backgrounds. The files are not seamless!

All textures come in JPEG, 300 dpi and pretty huge size (around 5000x5000 px each). There are also two folders including crops and smaller sizes files for a range of different projects.

Included items:

  • 50 + JPEG Textures (JPEG files, 300 dpi, about 5000x5000px each - sizes may vary)
  • 10 non-seamless JPEG Patterns (JPEG, 300 dpi, about 3000x3000 px)
  • 5 Marble Textures (JPEG files, 300 dpi, 3000x3000 px)
  • all files are organized in folders, sorted after collections (see pictures above)
  • Included texture collections are: „Gold“, „Marbles“, „Nacre & Pearl“, „Pink Blush“, „Rosegold“, „Silver and Metallic“

Do you have any question, suggestion or wishes? I'm always hear to help and support, so never hesitate to write me a message!

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