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The "Wonderland - Magical Lightroom Preset Bundle" comes with 10 high-end Lightroom Looks that change the whole atmosphere of your images into a fantastic world of fairytales.

Once you've installed this beautiful collection on your computer, you can give your images that certain unique, outstanding look with only one click. This is as easy and time-saving as it gets. This set doesn't simply just correct light and colors a little, but gives a complete high quality fashion-look to your pictures that people will stare at. It turns all kinds of pictures into absolutely breathtaking fantasy shots. All of the Presets contain the "secret ingedient" to magical fashion looks: the powerful, deep and burning skies WITHOUT any composing!

The Bundle includes 10 Presets that are designed for different lighting - some for brighter, some for the darker pics of your shoot. Plus, you can adjust every single preset to fit the exact needs of your images, which is extremely easy as all light and color arrangements are already pre-set.

The Bundle works in Lightroom 4,5, 6 and your creative cloud version and contains the following Lightroom presets:

  • Another World
  • Eurydike
  • The Mermaid 01 & 02 (for bright or darker lighting)
  • Walkyrie (for a darker atmosphere)
  • Harlequin
  • Fire and Ice (for an "icy cool" touch, lighter blue tones)
  • The Haze
  • The Sirene (very powerful, deep and atmospheric look)
  • Wonderland

Feel Free to contact me with any questions you have on how to get the most of your fashion shots and how to install or use these on your computer :) I hope your're having great fun with these - and of course always perfect lighting!

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