Forests and Sands Presets for LR

by Presetrain Co. in Add-Ons / Actions

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Lightroom


Forests and Sands offers 32 author photography presets for creative color processing. Natural, ambient and artistic, they provide beautiful color toning and film simulation to enrich and enhance your images. Perfect for story-telling.


  • 12 original presets:
    • Forest I Oak
    • Forest II Evening
    • Forest III Rustic
    • Forest IV Deep
    • Forest V Darkwood
    • Forest VI Elder
    • Sand I Grass
    • Sand II Morning
    • Sand III Sea
    • Sand IV Rich
    • Sand V Afterlight
    • Sand VI Sun
  • 20 preset variations (to match different lighting and camera settings)


  • Natural light portraits, fashion and fine-art
  • Landscape & nature photography

Adobe Lightroom 4 and higher, including all newest CC versions.

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