• Compatible Apps:
  • Illustrator


Infographic Bundle item is available just in Adobe Illustrator vector formats:

  • .ai cs5
  • .eps cs
  • .ai cc

SEO infographic elements (part 1) included:

  • 50 SEO icons
  • 5 different types of tooltips with different directions (north, east, west, south, north east, north west, south east, south west)
  • 5 different types of charts: pie, area, line, bar, column
  • 5 schemes
  • 3 fully editable and layered infographic files: .ai cs, .ai cc and .eps

SEO infographic elements (part 2) included:

  • 60 icons
  • 4 tooltips
  • 10 graphs
  • 10 schemes
  • 1 timeline
  • 2 maps
  • 2 Fully editable and layered files: .ai cs and .eps

WARNING!!! If you want to use this set you should have basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. Before you buy, read the description please. If you can't open file on your Mac, please find on the internet how to open .7z file on a Mac.

Used free font Ubuntu

Remember that infographic is a representation of information in a graphic format designed to make the data easily understandable and it's a best solution to simplify the presentation process. Infographic can contain different elements such as: icons, schemes, progress elements, charts, timelines, maps, different arrows, graphs etc.