• Compatible Apps:
  • Illustrator


If you purchase this infographics bundle you will get 50% discount (separately 6 infographic templates cost 34$). High quality infographic elements will help to make your business more attractive for your business partners and new customers. This infographic bundles contains only vector graphic that can be magnified infinitely without loss of quality because all objects are based on mathematical expressions, while pixel-based graphics cannot. All infographic elements created in a special technic that gives you chance very simple to edit infographic elements and add new just copy any element and insert it in any place you want.

Infographic Bundle item is available just in Adobe Illustrator vector formats:

  • .ai cs5
  • .eps cs

WARNING!!! If you want to use this set you should have basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. Before you buy, read the description please. If you can't open file on your Mac, please find on the internet how to open .7z file on a Mac.

Artwork contains gradients and transparency. All shadows and light spots are meshes. If you have a questions feel free to ask me i will try to help you. If you like this design please share and rate it.

Remember that infographic is a representation of information in a graphic format designed to make the data easily understandable and it's a best solution to simplify the presentation process. Infographic can contain different elements such as: icons, schemes, progress elements, charts, timelines, maps, different arrows, graphs etc.