Brown & Blue Book Stock Photo Bundle

by Kelley Johnson Photos in Photos / Photos


This cozy flat lay, styled stock photo bundle has 13 images. The images include a brown wood background and a mixture of: stacks of books, a cell phone, a tablet, a notebook, a green potted plant, a succulent, and a candle in a mason jar.

You can use the high resolution JPGs, or you have the option of adding your own text/images to the phone or tablet with 3 layered Smart Object mockup PSD files.


  • 13 flat lay styled stock JPG photos & 3 layered PSD Smart Objects in one ZIP file
  • DIMENSIONS - 5138 x 3425 or larger
  • ORIENTATION - All landscape images
  • SOFTWARE NEEDS - You do not need special software to use the JPG photos
  • OPTIONAL SOFTWARE - If you would like to use the 3 layered PSD Smart Objects to add your own art to the tablet or phone, you will need Adobe Photoshop.


  • These photos are great for:
    • Social media - Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.
    • Blog
    • Branding
    • Website
    • And more!
Kelley Johnson Photos

Kelley Johnson Photos

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