Roadhouse Blues handmade script font

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Roadhouse Blues is a handmade script typeface with swashes and alternative glyphs that make it look more realistic and natural.

It has a naive quality that gives it a kind of innocence. It's decorative swashes give it a friendly retro vibe that harks back to an early American style when everything was hand made.

If this font were a celebrity it would be more Jim Morrison than James Woods.

Opentype features

To make the most out of this font you will need a design application that supports OpenType.

The lowercase glyphs have 3 contextual alternatives. Each letter has a start, middle and end letter that have a subtle difference. If you enable contextual alternatives they will be automatically changed as you type.

The uppercase letters have a start and end swash that are also automatically changed if you enable swashes.

Both upper and lowercase characters have a generous sprinkling of stylistic alternatives that can be accessed via your glyphs panel in your design application.

You can see me messing with contextual alternatives—

Font Usage

In my examples, I've used Roadhouse Blues in a serious way but it could be used for casual designs like illustrations, invites, packaging, logos stationary, fashion and many others.

What's included?

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Numbers, Punctuation & Symbols
  • Swashes, stylistic and contextual alternatives
  • Western, Central and South-Eastern European characters
  • Font format is OTF

If you need any help or have questions just ask.

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