Amazing Paper Stain kit photoshop

by itsmesimon in Graphics / Textures

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  • Photoshop


Amazing Paper stain toolkit, with well over 50 original high resolution paper stains designed to give your work that old damaged look and feel. Every stain is cutout and photoshop ready — just copy and paste into your artwork and set layer to multiply.

Change the colour

You could easily change the colour of each drip by filling a layer with solid colour, and adding a layer mask. Paste the stain directly into the layer mask and you are done. Check out the video demo at

Copy parts of a stain

Most of the files are hi res, so you could copy just part of the image, scale and rotate as required.

Included in the pack

The Stain-O-Matic toolkit Includes large marks, drips, splashes, tiny droplets, splatter, cup marks, brush marks and water damage stains.

Lots of mess with no fuss.

It’s easy no cutting required, no masking and no layer masks.

The toolkit is over 450mb of dirty mark goodness.

If you need any help or have questions just ask.

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