Rustic photoshop texture kit

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I created my first rolled ink texture a few years ago. I was trying to clean my roller on a blank piece of paper when I suddenly saw what an amazing texture it had created.

Since that happy accident, I've created hundreds of rolled ink effects—I've got folders full of them.

So that got me to thinking—could I make it simpler for people to use the print textures in photoshop?

Fast N' Dirty Super Rustic textures

I've taken the best of my rolled ink textures and created 20 layer presets, with masks, noise and backgrounds. So you can easily conjure up a retro print look and feel.

Bonus effects

For that extra grunge I've added 20 additional stain and mark effects. Including grubby finger marks, water stains, cup marks and ink spray, dirty, dirty marks—you get the picture.

You can add authentic print texture to your artwork in minutes.

What’s included in the kit

  • 20 main texture effects (the bulk of the pack)
  • 7 additional noise effects (paper, scratches, spray)
  • 13 additional stain marks (finger prints, water stains, cup stains, paint spray)

Please note: this product is for photoshop cs6 upwards.

If you need any help or have questions just ask.

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It's me simon

It's me simon

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