Watercolour toolkit paint effects

by Itsmesimon in Graphics / Textures

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  • Photoshop


Because watercolour is hard to replicate digitally, it has a special magic that no other medium has. So with this pack you can re-create that fluidity in your work, and make it your own.

So here it is—my effortless collection of watercolour washes, blends, brush marks, bleeds, drips and drops. All handmade by me.

I set out to create a toolset that you can just grab and use quickly, something that you could go back to again and again.

Every brushstroke has been painstakingly digitised and cutout—so you can simply drag 'N drop into your artwork and let your creativity roll.

Included in the watercolour pack:

  • Over 50 watercolour blends
  • Over 100 brush and shapes
  • 19 drips and drops
  • 11 basic watercolour washes

High resolution files

All files are high resolution, scanned in at 800dpi. The files are massive, so big that I've saved them as pdf files, so I could reduce the file size while keeping the resolution and transparency (did I mention they are cutout?).

This makes it not only easier to drag them into your artwork but also to change the colour. You can also mix them in photoshop much more effectively when they are transparent.

That said the whole pack is still mahoosive—947mb.

Ideal uses for the watercolour kit

The spontaneous burst of colour is ideal for logo designs, packaging, social media posts, digital creatives, invites and much more.

Watch me create a dripping text effect—https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gVpmedin-k

Please note: These files are .pdf files so they will open in any package that accepts them, and that's not just Photoshop.

If you need any help or have questions just ask.

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