Fierce brush font OpenType-SVG

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Fierce font uses OpenType-SVG to bring a whole new level of detail to a typeface. It contains real bitmaps of hand-painted letters but within a font. That gives it so much more detail and transparency that is just not possible with a traditional typeface.

It's a hand-painted brush display typeface that is full of energy. It's got a street punk look about it and would be perfect for packaging, posters, advertising and anything where you want that handmade urban look and feel.


Just like punk back in 76' Fierce is also experimental. It's a colour bitmap font and it only works on Mac Photoshop, Illustrator and a handful of other native Mac applications.

PC users bitmap font works in Photoshop CC2017+

Windows does NOT yet support bitmap fonts, thus you will not see your letters when you install the font. But it does work in Photoshop CC2017+.

Not using a mac, don't worry

If you are not a Mac computer or have an older version of required software I've provided high-resolution images. Now obviously that is not a font, it's a high resolution back up to the font, that you can use to manually compose words inside photoshop.

If you are creating designs for large format print, I would also recommend using the high-resolution images as they have far more detail than the OpenType-SVG font (around 700px).


I'm also including my Spray paint splatter set ( Easily add that extra touch of organic energy to the typeface with the transparent png files.

Traditional Vector Typeface included

I have also converted the font to a traditional black and white typeface that will work on Windows and Mac in any application.

OpenType SVG includes

  • A-Z uppercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation
  • Symbols
  • Marks
  • No support for Western, Central or South Eastern Glyphs

Due to size limitations, it only includes Basic Latin A-Z and has no support for Western, Central or South Eastern European glyphs. As this font evolves I may add support for Western, Central and South Eastern Glyphs.

Traditional vector font includes

  • A-Z uppercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation
  • Symbols
  • Marks
  • Full support for Western, Central or South Eastern Glyphs

Photoshop font

All the glyphs are included in a single photoshop file, each glyph is approx 1200x1200 pixels at 300 DPI

Please note: OpenType-SVG is a new technology, it only became industry standard in 2016. At the moment colour bitmap fonts will only work on MacOs.

Illustrator CC 2018+ and Photoshop CC 2017+ officially support and display colour fonts. InDesign CC 2018 has got unofficial support. They will work with most Mac native apps like pages, keynote, TextEdit and Safari.

For PC users I have included all the letters as .psd files so you can still use them for your designs. And it also has the traditional vector font that will work anywhere.

Check what is supported at

Font Preview

The preview below is for the vector version of the typeface. CM is unable to show the full-colour font, but you can see all the glyphs in the preview screens.



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