Thirsty Dog messy display typeface

by Itsmesimon in Fonts / Display


Thirsty dog is a messy spontaneous display typeface! It was created in a hurry it's untidy and barely legible. 100% handmade.

And that was the point, I wanted it to look scratchy and messy. I created it with an old ink nib and pot of ink—and tried to draw it as fast as I could. So here it is Thirsty Dog.


It’s ideal for use over images (like in my examples) or anything that you want to look spontaneous.

The font only includes uppercase letters, it has only 95 glyphs including numbers, punctuation and basic symbols.

It looks better at larger font sizes, the format is .otf.

If you need any help or have questions just ask.

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Hello, It's me Simon, a designer from London, England. I specialise in creating simple, authentic typefaces, photographs and graphics. @itsmesimon