Ink drips and drops textures

by itsmesimon in Graphics / Textures

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop


Nothing more annoying than doing a hand-drawn lettering design only to ruin it with a misplaced ink droplet—designer problems! Please tell me you've been there.

I created the Drop It pack to stop that happening. I wanted ink drops but in a more controlled manner.

Mainly for hand-drawn lettering that I post to Instagram—It just adds that little something to your work. You can see them in action at

Drop It pack

The pack contains 31 handmade ink drop textures—all scanned in at 600dpi. Every texture has a transparent background, making it easy to change colour and mix with other media.

The Drop It pack contains a wide selection of drop textures from big drops to small complex splatter with a good selection of high energy splatter.

You can easily scale and rotate each drop and place them how you want—you're in control.

All the textures are available for vector apps like Illustrator as native files or eps files for other vector applications.

If you are a photoshop user and addicted to brushes, that's fine. They are available as brushes too.


  • 31 transparent png files
  • 31 vector files (same files as vectors)
  • 31 Photoshop brushes (same files as brushes)
  • Full video instructions

If you have any questions just ask me



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