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Letterpress textures Kit 1

by Itsmesimon in Graphics / Textures

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop


Letterpress kit 1 contains 5 high resolution rolled ink textures. The textures can be used give your designs that old school letterpress relief print effect.

I created this set of textures to complement my new typeface called Circus Freak. So I've decided to give away the font with the pack.

It has four styles that can be used with the textures to get a printed effect.

Using the textures

I use the textures in photoshop, but you could use them in any application that supports .png images and layer masks.

  • Open the texture
  • Copy the texture
  • Create a blank layer mask on your artwork.
  • Alt-click your layer mask
  • Paste the texture into the layer
  • Scale and rotate
  • Apply a smart sharpen to the texture
  • Alt-click on the layer mask

Now sit back and admire your handiwork. To get the most realistic effect with a chromatic typeface like the Circus Freak font, use a different texture for each layer. Or use the same texture but flip it horizontally and vertically.

Easily create

  • Letterpress type effects
  • Distressed effects
  • Stamp effects
  • Grunge

See a quick demo of the above https://vimeo.com/192452028

What's included

  • 5 hi-res .png files (textures)
  • Circus freak font

If you need any help, or have questions just ask.



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