Outshine Duo Font Pack

by Greg Nicholls in Fonts / Display


Introducing Outshine. A fun, bouncy font duo with handwritten dry strokes. A ridiculous amount of time was put into making this font perfectly imperfect, and getting the flow just right. You get two font files, for lots of versatility. Outshine is ideal font for text overlays as well as branding/logos and product packaging. Use the two font files in combination for outstanding results.

Outshine includes 4 font files:

  1. Outshine - A bouncy, signature script with loads of character. Lots of language support, and extra symbols/characters. Alternate ligatures are also available, to keep each character looking unique. Available in both .OTF and .TTF formats.

  2. Outshine Alternate - In case you have issues loading alternate ligatures, this font contains them all! Available in both .OTF and .TTF formats.

  3. Outshine Caps - An all caps font made to perfectly compliment the Outshine font. Lots of language support. Available in both .OTF and .TTF formats.

  4. Outshine Swash - A set of additional swashes at your disposal to compliment the two font styles. Just type any character a-z to load up a swash.

I had a blast designing this font. If you have any questions about language support, please don't hesitate to fire me a message.


Greg Nicholls

Greg Nicholls

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