Lakeshore Brush Font

by Greg Nicholls in Fonts / Display


Lakeshore is the modern, hand painted font that you've been looking for. Each character was carefully painted (often more than fifty times) until the results were nothing short of perfect. A ton of detail was preserved when the characters were digitized, so that large letters will look fantastic up close.

What's Included:

Lakeshore Regular - The standard version of the font. Perfect for titles and logos.

Lakeshore Italic - This is the italic version of the Lakeshore font series. Great for blocks of text and more aggressive looking titles.

Lakeshore Swash - Need a cool underline under your text or a splash of paint? This font set has you covered. Type any letter a-z using this font, and you'll get a unique swash to accompany the font.

Language Support - We've added in a great deal of extra characters to support many different languages.

Alternate Ligatures - Even though this is an uppercase font, the lowercase characters will give alternate uppercase characters. In other words, 't' and 'T' will give different capital T characters, which gives you variance to work with.

Greg Nicholls

Greg Nicholls

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