Coloring Book Mandala Creator

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  • Illustrator


Coloring Book Mandala Creator is an addon for Adobe Illustrator that allows you to quickly create intricate line illustrations. Watch the 30s demo video for a quick introduction!

With over 140 complex patterns included, you have endless possibilities. Need more patterns? You can make your own or you can buy additional pattern libraries from my shop. The patterns in this product are all totally unique and not have been repeated in previous versions of mandala creator.

  • Updated 7/10/17: 10 new Brushes added

  • Updated 5/14/17: 10 new brushes added.

Watch the video for a great demonstration. After the mandala is created, you can adjust the stroke, color it, or rasterize it and live trace it - It's truly a must have set of tools for adobe ai CS5 and up...and it's fun! Watch the 30s demo video for a quick introduction!

Works great with Illustrator CS5, CS6 and all version of Creative Cloud... Guaranteed!

This is a MUST HAVE for making cards, coloring books, wall decals, tshirts and much more. You own the rights to the mandalas you create - start a business, sell stock, make coloring books - the possibilities are unlimited!

Collect all version of mandala creator - Each one has a unique set of patterns!

This product includes a video tutorial, you can watch it here:

Common questions:

This addon works great with AI CS5, CS6, and Creative Cloud. It's totally self contained, you don't need to buy any other products to make this work - you just need to have Adobe Illustrator.

The tutorial is on youtube - you should make sure you can watch youtube videos before purchasing this product. Refunds are accepted if any part of mandala creator doesn't work for you :)



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