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  • Sketch


A simple, flexible way to wireframe.

For Sketch

UX Kits Square Wireframe Kit for Sketch takes full advantage of Sketch symbols, overrides, resizing, styles and masks. Start with a series of simple squares and resize them, rearrange them and edit their content to quickly build wireframes for anything from a traditional website to a mobile layout, app or software.

  • Quickly show content, hierarchy and layout without mistaking a wireframe for design.
  • 90 symbols built for flexibility: move 'em, stretch 'em or stack 'em for responsive layouts.
  • Stretch blocks using Sketch resizing, allowing for a fast workflow.
  • Swap out entire layout variations with overrides and then customize the icons, photos and text.
  • Lo-fi or hi-fi: Switch between mock text with icons and real text with photos.
  • Start with the 40+ icons or download Google's material icons to use them through keywords.
  • Redesign everything through Sketch styles.
  • Build forms by swapping out field types, field labels and icons with overrides.

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