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Do You Have a Super-Condensed Sans in Your Design Arsenal?

Let's face it. Design in the wild is WAY different than design on a computer screen.

For example, sometimes big words need to fit in tight spaces (and look while they're doing it).

That's why we made Transistor.

Transistor is a super-condensed, flexible, sans-serif that's perfect for creating headlines and logos that have long words.

The Story

I've always been a fan of mid-century packaging. Especially old hardware store packaging.

Why? My best guess is because I spent a lot of time at my grandmothers growing up. In her garage there was a tool cabinet filled with rugged, faded boxes of screws, bolts, nails, electrical tape and every other kind of household packaging you can imagine.

Transistor is inspired by mid-century hardware packaging. The super-condensed characters give the font plently of utility (fit a lot of words in a little space). The monoweight/geometric forms pay homage to the rugged packaging used for hardware components.

Here's what's included with Transistor:

  • Complete alpha-numeric characters in all caps
  • Full Western European language support
  • Beautifully kerned to look great in tight situations
  • Produced in the popular OTF file format

You'll probably love Transistor if:

  • You do a lot of logo design work and often search for unique (but readable) fonts
  • You create a lot of posters and web work that requires you to fit long strings of text on one or two lines
  • You love to add touches of history to your design (without it dominating your work)

Be sure to share your work with me (you can message me via Creative Market). I love featuring designers work on the RetroSupply ( blog and on social media.



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