Create Your Own Tiny Revolution of Awesomeness with Komrade!

Whether you're trying to raise money for your daughter's Girl Scout troop or you're trying to raise awareness about cancer... Design has the power to inspire the best in people.

Komrade is a constructivist inspired font that's perfect for starting your own little revolution.

Here's what you get when you purchase Komrade

  • Komrade Regular OTF file
  • Komrade Inline OTF file
  • Includes alpha-numeric characters and standard symbols and punctuation

What makes this font so powerful

What if I told you your entire life is shaped by symbols?

What if I told you that these symbols had the power to influence your emotions, energy level and how easily you can be persuaded?

It's true. For example, if I was to show you a picture of a dove holding an olive branch (and you live in the western world) it would likely evoke feelings of peace and rebirth.

Here's the real crazy part:

Even if you don't know what the exact meaning behing a dove holding an olive brance it probably evokes these feelings in you.

In the exact same way fonts like Komrade have built of symbolism of revolution and new ideas. See where I'm going here?

By using a font like Komrade you're leveraging the deeply ingrained symbolism within these types of fonts.

So grab a font like Komrade and start your own tiny movement!

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