The Mid-Century Nature Collection

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Get 60 of the World's Best Nature Vectors (Made by the Luke Skywalker of Vector Art)

I'm a huge fan of mid-century design.

A few months ago I uncovered a whole new sub-niche of mid-century design I had never seen... European pocket calendars. Mainly Scandanavian ones.

Here's a Pinterest board I put together with some examples of authentic ones:

So when vector rock star Von Glitschka shares this set of vector artwork with me, I was stoked! Why? Because they're perfect for recreating this kind of art.

Just check out some of the example art I included.

Want to learn exactly how I created one of these designs from start to finish?

Here's a detailed video tutorial that shows you everything:

Now, of course, you can use this artwork for contemporary design or any other style you choose. That's the beauty of this kind of craftsman made, simple, geometric design.

But you should at least try making one of these calendar books because it is a lot of fun!

Grab this set and here's exactly what you'll get:

  • 60+ pieces of nature inspired vector art by Von Glitschka (so you know you're getting the best vector art money can buy)
  • Versions for Adobe Illustrator CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC (so you can use it, even if you refuse to subscribe to Creative Cloud)
  • Laid out in a well organized grid (so you can find what you need fast)
  • Precision made for clean, minimal vector points (because clean vectors are good)

Von Glitschka is easily the leading authority on vector work in Illustrator. When you grab this pack you can feel confident knowing you're picking up the best nature vector pack on the market.

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