Retro-Matic - Easy Ink Offset

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  • Photoshop


Retro-Matic™ gives your work an offset print effect completely indistinguishable from real offset/misregistered ink. Best of all, the action is REALLY easy to use.

Watch the demo video here:

A single action allows you to select the color(s) to offset and gives you complete control over how offset the ink is. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Here's what you get when you buy now:

Retro-Matic™ - Easy Ink Offset

Includes one simple yet powerful actions that allows you to: select the colors to offset and control the exact placement of the offset. Works on all sizes of work. 100% non-destructive.

Retro-Matic™ Easy Tips (3 videos and password)

3 quick and easy tutorial videos that will help you get perfect results with Retro-Matic.

Sample Image (Lucky's After Shave)

Get the image from the demo video so you can try it out yourself fast.

Subtle Retro Texture Pack

The most subtle yet detailed brushes on the market. These brushes are ideal for slowly layering on top of your work. Inspired by French Paper's Speckletone line you can easily see beautiful details when you use these brushes including flicks, shives, and the ink that pools inbetween. (3 brushes included)

Easy Halftone

The easy halftone pack takes a whole new approach to adding halftone to your work. Instead of just placing halftone on top of your work or using a brush now you can paint it on. 100% non-destructive.

This pack was a joy to make. Plus, it was so fun I used it for 2 hours after I made it!

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