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12 Authentic Weathered Logo Mock-ups (Plus, 6 Limited Edition Logos)

The Story of These Textures

This past week a friend was in town and I had the chance to go to Santa Cruz and San Francisco. On the trip I spent a significant amount of time searching for and photographing weathered textures.

I explored fisherman's docks with wood aged by salt water mist.

I went down narrow alleyways in Chinatown.

Got lots of stares when I took photos of the rickety wooden steps of a Mexican taqueria.

I took dozen of photos of the cases of 100 year old coin operated games on Fisherman's Warf.

Basically, I went everywhere I got all the textures I wished I could find online but couldn't.

This pack includes 12 of them. Including high resolution JPG's as well as well organized folders that make it easy to add your logo and give it a distressed feel.

The web is saturated with bad textures. Get yourself a collection of textures that were collected from locations with as much character as your work.

Product Details

This unique pack includes 10 weathered and aged mock-up templates (PSD), 6 limited addition vintage logos (100 available), and a list of high-quality free fonts.

Here's everything you get when you buy the pack:

  • 10 weathered/aged logo templates (3000 x 2000 pixels)
  • 10 original textures (same as above but each preserved as original photo)
  • FREE set of Limited Edition logos 6 (only available to first 100 buyers).
  • List of free award winning fonts

Here's what you don't get:

  • You get everything you see! Plus some!

This kit includes everything you need to present your logos in a stunning and effective way. Your clients will think it took you 5 times as long to complete when they see these! Buy the kit now!

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