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  • Photoshop


Create Your Own Fake Stock Certificates and Get Rich!

Did you know that an original Standard Oil stock certificate signed by John D. Rockefeller is worth $6,577?

Know you can create your own stock certificates using IndustryPress!

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This kit is inspired by stock certificates, billing sheets and letterhead from the 1870s. It was right about then that the industrial revolution was coming into full swing and factories and mass production was sweeping the US.

Capitalism, industry and eventually the assembly line made TONS of money for a few folks. So they started making awesome looking letterhead and stock certificates.

Now you can achieve these beautiful line effects just using one brush in Photoshop. Yep, it's seriously that easy.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose the IndustrialPress brush.
  2. Choose the thickness and direction of the lines.
  3. Start painting like crazy behind your typography or images.

Next thing you know you'll have a cool looking 1870s inspired line effect like the one you see above.

This is seriously so easy a kindergartner could do it. So you'll be able to load this brush up and start making great looking line effects in seconds flat.

Here's Everything You're Getting

  • 1 Fast and Powerful IndustryPress Tool Preset
  • 4 Gigantic Seamless IndustryPress Line Patterns (for crisp definition at any size)
  • 10 High-Definition Grunge Overlays (so you can make your work look 150 years old)
  • 1 Full Color Detailed Instruction Guide
  • Files that are well organized so you don't go crazy

I've been loving the idea of very small flexible tools lately. So I've made this tool powerful and so small your hard drive won't even notice. But what's amazing is just how much cool stuff it can do with such a small file size!

Here's some of my favorite features of this single powerful line brush:

  • As easy as swooping a brush around your canas
  • Adjustable line weight makes it easy to get heavy thick lines or hair thin lines fast
  • A tiny (but mega-powerful) file makes it easy to download fast
  • Not a template – so you can use in on any canvas size!
  • Gives you a hard to achieve typography effect fast, so you can look like you've been working on the project for hours (even if you've just been surfing the web).

My favorite thing about this pack is the crazy amount of satisfaction I get from getting results so quickly. It's fun and easy to use and makes you look great.

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