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  • Photoshop


Get 19th Century American Wood Cut Type Effects Instantly (Innovative Photoshop Action)

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Product Specifications

  • 1 Interactive Photoshop Action
  • 18 Wood Type Textures
  • 1 Full Color American Wood Type Instruction Manual
  • [VIDEO] 3 Easy Tips to Get Precision Control Over Your Wood Type
  • American Wood Type Quick Reference Texture Sheet

The Story

In the early 19th century breakthroughs in printing technology transformed print forms away from hand lettered script styles and into industrial, hard edged blocks of type.

For over a century print companies like Hamilton Manufacturing, Empire Wood Type Co., American Wood Type Mfg Co. and Eastern Brass & Wood Type created beautiful type for mass consumption. A huge variety of gothic, antique and slab fonts were used to create gorgeous advertisements, notices, posters and more.

In the 1920s wood type product began to decline due to faster due to offset printing technology. But wood type still loves on through a handful of printers that still practice this tradition.

How It Works

American Wood Type is directly inspired by this history and manufactures. Using common woods and inks we've done our best to recreate these print effects digitally using textures, patterns and a powerful Photoshop action.

American Wood Type allows you to achieve these effects quickly on all but the largest Photoshop canvases. No Smart PSDs. Just one powerful action that lets you choose the textures, colors, edges, and intensity of your wood type effects.

Our Better Than Money Back Guarantee

We're sure you'll love American Wood Type. But if for any reason you decide it's not right for you, just send us a message within 90 days. We'll refund your money promptly via PayPal. No hassles, no hard feelings.

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