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Introducing VectorSupply, vector textures so crisp you'll want to touch them.

This kit provides you with aged print textures for every situation. Each one easy and fast to use.

See the video tour here:

This kit can be used for fast and easy print, web and screen print design.

Here's what you get:

  • 13 halftone textures you can lay over your designs for fast aging effects.
  • 14 seamless aged pattern swatches - ideal for type and objects.
  • 16 authentic halftone brushes - great for creating inconsistent distressed looks.
  • 14 hand made sponge brushes - for easy shading and dry screen print effects.
  • 7 oil and coffee stains - because sometimes your design needs coffee spilled on it.
  • 8 example images for inspiration and ideas (in vector format so you can inspect them).
  • VectorSupply Instruction Manual.

Here's what went into creating VectorSupply:

  • Real halftone textures created from 20+ hours of pulling screens and abusing printers.
  • Ink textures from hand pulled screens.
  • Sponge brushes from 60 year old steel wool, neglected brushes, rags, and my orange trees.
  • Oil and coffee stains made from real stains I made and sun dried in the drive way.

Vector work with these kinds of details gives you a very special look that can't be created with Photoshop.

This kit will give you everything you need to quickly and easily add crisp aged textures to your work.

Warning! You may become addicted to vector textures after buying this!

See the video tour here:

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