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A Simple Template to Give Your Typography Woodsy Textures

I have been extremely blessed this past year... Between the birth of my first daughter and the success of RetroSupply I can honestly say this year has been like a dream.

I made TimberType as a simple present for you. Nothing fancy, but I think you'll like it. It adds beautiful woodsy textures to your typography instantly.

You can use it to:

  • Create a holiday saying (print it on your printer and frame it)
  • Create a holiday card graphic to send to email a loved one
  • Create a special message to share with your followers on Instagram or Pinterest
  • Anything else. This isn't a holiday product so it will look good anytime.

Here's what you get in this simple and fun pack:

  • TimberType Smart PSD (3000 pixels by 1997 pixels)
  • 11 gorgeous wood textures taken from 400 year old homes in Florence, Italy

The TimberPress Smart PSD includes:

  • 11 rich and warm wood textures
  • 7 subtle textures including light powder, halftone, dry roller, painter lines and more
  • Build unique wood textures and tones by blending wood layers and adjusting the opacity
  • Customize your textures by toggling on and off different combinations of textures
  • Subtle shading adds depth to the edges of your typography
  • Simple filters soften the edges of your letters
  • 100% customizable. You can turn EVERYTHING in this template on and off instantly.

This is a simple but useful kit. Grab it now and create something special for loved ones or your tribe.

Happy holidays everyone. Thank you for making this year so special for me!


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