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Ivy Growing on Brick Wall Photo

by Dee Andreoli in Photos / Photos


A stock photograph of textured white brick wall with ivy growing over one corner.

PERFECT FOR: ~ Advertising + Marketing ~ Editorial ~ Blog Posts ~ Website Design ~ Stationery + Greeting Cards (extended license may apply) ~ E-Book Covers (extended license may apply) ~ Print + frame for your walls (will fit an 8x10" frame or can be enlarged)

2400x3000px, 300dpi

See more of my beautiful stock photography organised into collections here: http://bit.ly/1NlIIUy

This file is NOT to be on-sold as a stock photograph or to be used as a giveaway. If you are using this image in an end product that will be on-sold (such as artwork or products to be sold on Etsy, Society6, your own website etc) you must purchase an extended license.

Dee Andreoli

Dee Andreoli

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