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Fat & Fabulous: Graphic Brush Script

by Creators Couture in Fonts / Script


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She's pleasantly plump with bouncing letters and a ton of personality! I'm pleased to introduce you to an all new gorgeous graphic script created with my new Vectallic Magic Brushes! You can get the Essentials Collection HERE ☞ http://crtv.mk/j0j17.

This is a graphic font, and it includes a full set of characters in high-res, transparent PNG format, which you can use in the graphic editing program of your choice! The PNG files are 300 DPI and BIG! Most capital letters are between 5-8 inches, and lowercase between 3-7 inches! Totally big enough to fit all your needs! Remember, since this is a graphic script, you don't load it in your font program obviously, you use it like clip art in whatever program you use! The characters PNGs come in gorgeous gold, but you can also colorize them via color overlay. There are bonus Color Add-On Styles for Photoshop which make colorization easy peasy!

There is a Bonus Smart PSD with all of the characters sized down and organized, so you can drag and drop onto your design for easy creating with the graphic alphabet!

The script contains both upper and lower case characters, and all letters have between TWO AND FOUR different character options! There is all punctuation and accent characters. You can download a preview of all the characters HERE ☞ http://bit.ly/26eVdNm.

International Language Characters! I've added all the standard international characters and accent marks to add to the characters, but if you come across one I might have missed, shoot me a message and I'll add it to the package!

Extended Use included! Use it to personalize your designs for sale! They are perfect for word art posters and monogrammed items. The beautiful, smooth characters look GREAT in large sizes, unlike some of the brush scripts out there! They are perfect for accent words or phrases!

BONUS BRUSHES for Adobe Illustrator CC! Get the original 4 brushes I used to create this font, so that you can add your own swashes and accents. This bonus is for users of Adobe Illustrator CC only, because only that version has Image Brush Technology.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!! xx Jessica

Creators Couture

Creators Couture

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