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An American Autumn

by Ornaments of Grace in Graphics / Illustrations

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Illustrator


Throughout most of the United States- especially where I live- the blaze of brilliant red, vermillion, orange, saffron, yellow, and gold creates a rich visual poetry that lasts throughout the months of September and October. This year in Ohio, the fall colors were especially bright and inspiring. As a result, I give you An American Autumn, a charming collection of over 150 autumn illustrations and clipart elements that will be perfect for all your fall-related designs.

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: This collection will work in Adobe Illustrator CS4 and above, Adobe Photoshop, and Photoshop Elements. The Illustrator files include a CS4 version and a CS6 version. (If you have CS5/5.5, you may use the CS4 version.) This will not work in GIMP or any MS Office products.

This collection includes:

  • 11 Ornaments
  • 13 Leaf Ornaments
  • 10 Lettering Arrangements
  • 20 Hand-Lettered Overlays
  • 4 Large leaves
  • 38 Small leaves
  • 40 Tiny ornamental leaves
  • 10 Leaf arrangements
  • 4 Misc clipart
  • 1 Pattern brush (2 variations - Illustrator only)
  • A list of free fonts to download (optional)


  • .AI — This product comes in .AI CS4 and .AI CS6 vector formats. If you have Illustrator CS5 or 5.5, please use the CS4 version.
  • .PNG — I’ve just added individual PNG files for all of the arrangements, leaves, and ornaments. These are all in black and are useful for Photoshop Elements or other basic graphic-editing software.
  • .PSD — I’ve also added multilayer PSD files that include all of the leaves, lettering, and ornaments. Each illustration is a vector shape. Also included are PSD files for Photoshop Elements.

In the Illustrator complete version, each leaf illustration includes the outline and a fill shape (in the file, the fill shape is transparent. Simply apply a fill color of your choice if you wish!) Instructions are included in the product files. Each .ai file includes 3 artboards (3 pages.) Everything included is shown in the display images.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions :) I hope you enjoy your autumn!

Photo in Display 6: Courtesy of Unsplash by Hide Obara (not included)

Ornaments of Grace

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