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If you love patterns and borders, you'll love Pattern Studio! With the brushes, symbols, swatches and actions, you'll be able to create and customize your own rustic, artisanal borders and patterns. These tools will help you create the perfect patterns for your designs, greeting cards, scrapbooks, and more. With the SwatchCrafter and BorderCrafter actions, just customize the pattern tiles, run the action, and start designing with your new brush or swatch!

Software Requirements: Pattern Studio requires Adobe Illustrator CS4 or later. Sorry, it doesn't work with Photoshop, InDesign, InkScape, GIMP, or Photoshop Elements. Not recommended for earlier versions of Illustrator. If you have AI CS5, you can use the CS4 version.

NOTE: If you have questions or need support on this product, please consult the User Guide (link below), the videos, and the FAQs. If those don't answer your questions, I'd be happy to help if you send me a private message.

See the User Guide for tips and tutorials! bit.ly/OGpatstUG2 Also check out the two videos for tips on Pattern Studio. The same process is shown in the user guide on Pages 9 and 15.

What's in Pattern Studio?

★ Brushes - 55 Art Brushes // Displays 5 & 3 // These 55 handcrafted art brushes represent the building blocks of Pattern Studio. These brushes have been optimized to work seamlessly with the SwatchCrafter and BorderCrafter systems.

★ Swatches - 25 Charcoal Swatches // Display 7 & 4 // The 25 charcoal swatches were digitized from actual charcoal scribbles. These seamless charcoal fills will realistically mimic handmade colored areas of chalk, pencil, and charcoal.

★ Pattern Studio - Swatch/Border Templates + Actions // Display 3 // The Pattern Studio system is designed to streamline the tricky process of creating patterns and provide you thousands of ways to create and customize your own, using the generous selection of seamless pattern templates. SwatchCrafter and BorderCrafter provide pattern templates you customize, and then actions you use to transform your custom tiles into works of art.

  • SwatchCrafter // Display 7 + Video 1 // Pattern swatches have reached a whole new level of customization with SwatchCrafter. Use brushes from Artisan’s Tool Chest to customize the 22 swatch templates to your liking, and use the SwatchCrafter action to easily create custom patterns in any color and texture.

  • BorderCrafter // Display 6 + Video 2 // The pattern brush counterpart to SwatchCrafter revolutionizes and streamlines the creation of handmade pattern brushes. The BorderCrafter action is a flexible tool to help you easily customize the 13 border templates with brushes and symbols of your choice and create your own unique pattern brush library.

  • Dot Symbols
    These 42 handmade charcoal and ink dot symbols will add a sense of fun and vivacity to the patterns and can also add charm to other elements of Artisan’s Tool Chest.

★ BONUS Path-Oriented Bursts 12 stylish bursts will be just what you need to embellish your borders.

★ BONUS Scatter Brushes Need to add some trendy dots or a border of bursts to your design? These 25 brushes will deliver this in style.

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