Sunday Best Ornaments and Frames

by Ornaments of Grace in Graphics / Objects

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop


The Sunday Best Ornaments and Frames Collection is a perfect way to complete the Sunday Best complete family. Included in the collection are a layered Illustrator (CS4+) file and a layered Photoshop (CS4+) file containing over 150 ornaments, rules, frames, and patterns to complement any lettering set in Sunday Best. The collection includes:

  • 13 Corner Ornaments
  • 17 Pairs of Side Ornaments (34 total)
  • 7 Fleurons
  • 21 Centered Ornaments
  • 12 Rule Ornaments
  • 66 Frames
  • 17 Pattern Brushes - work best with rectangular shapes in Illustrator only. The tiles are included in Photoshop.
  • 1 Pattern Swatch (a pattern swatch in Illustrator, a tile in Photoshop.)

NOTE: The Illustrator CS4 file contains two versions of the ornaments and frames collection: paths (source) and expanded paths (flattened.) These are labeled layer groups in the Illustrator file. The source paths give you more creative control over your designs with the ornaments and frames.

BONUS! Included in this collection are Sunday Best Fancy Artisan and Sunday Best Catchwords in .otf format. These bonus but fully functional weights of Sunday Best works better in open-type supported apps such as Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

I hope you enjoy Sunday Best Ornaments and Frames!

Ornaments of Grace

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