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Sunday Best is old-fashioned, often elegant, but sometimes a little rustic. With all its layering options, it has a lot of personality. Most of all, Sunday Best likes to dress things up. It's the perfect family to call on for drop caps, display type, vintage headers, old-fashioned invitations, and much more. Featuring 27 layering fonts, Sunday Best comes in two different styles: Plain and Fancy, each with three categories of layering abilities:


  • No Frills = the basic letter shape
  • Styles: Artisan • Engraved


  • A-Z / 0-9 = the base + shadow
  • Stylistic Set 1 of A-Z / 0-9 = the shadow only
  • Styles: 3D • Artisan • Simple • Sketch • Strong • Woodcut • Illuminated (Fancy style only)


  • A-Z / 0-9 = the base + embellishment
  • Stylistic Set 1 of A-Z / 0-9 = the embellishment only
  • Styles: Delicate • Highlight • Inset • Jeweled

ORNAMENTS Included to enhance your Sunday Best designs is an Adobe Illustrator (CS4) file featuring over 150 ornaments, frames, rules and patterns.

CATCHWORDS Sunday Best Catchwords features 6 distinct catchword styles (with 5 as stylistic alternates,) making these fun little connector words a true statement: AT • BY • IN • OF • OR • TO • AND • BUT • FOR • THE • FROM • WITH • WHEN • UPON

PLEASE NOTE: Sunday Best works better in open-type supported apps such as Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. See the complete character set and tips on how to use Sunday Best here:

Sunday Best is a "short set" font family, featuring the letters capital A through capital Z and numbers 0-9. It works beautifully when used for decorative headlines, display type, and/or drop caps.

Sunday Best comes in both OpenType and webfont formats.

I hope you enjoy Sunday Best, and many thanks for visiting Ornaments of Grace! Please send me a message if you need support, and I'll be happy to help!

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