Ink calligraphy Chinese Zodiac Sign

by Corner Croft in Graphics / Illustrations

  • Compatible Apps:
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


Ink calligraphy of Chinese Zodiac Signs. There are hand drawn calligraphy of the characters of 12 animal zodiac signs using Chinese Ink by myself. The images were converted into vector format and Photoshop brushes. They can be used for variety projects in Photoshop, illustrator and photo editing programs.

The following items are included in this package:

  • 12 individual images, about 4"x5" png with transparent background, 300 dpi,
  • 1 ai file of 12 calligraphy in vector format,
  • 1 eps 10 file of 12 calligraphy in vector format,
  • 1 abr Photoshop brush set of 12 calligraphy,
  • 1 jpg with translation on.

About Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Chinese zodiac signs of 12 animals represent a repeating cycle of 12 years, with each year being represented by an animal. They are also called Chinese horoscopes as It is believed that the years represented by the animals affect the characters of people who was born this that year in the similar way like the western zodiac signs.

The years of Chinese Zodiac Signs

Rat - 2008, Ox (cow) - 2009, Tiger - 2010, Rabbit - 2011, Dragon - 2012, Snake - 2013, Horse - 2014, Goat (ram, sheep) - 2015, Monkey - 2016, Chicken (rooster) - 2017, Dog - 2018, Pig - 2019.

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