Watercolor Panda Baby Illustration

by Corner Croft in Graphics / Illustrations

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Watercolor Panda Baby Illustration

Grew up in the south of China I had a such fond memory of giant pandas. I have done this watercolor design kit Panda Baby with the elements of cute panda babies, bamboo leaves, clouds, moons, rain drops and stars and other floral elements, even included a bandaid, and the complete greeting cards templates in psd format that can be easily customised.

They are perfect for design of greeting cards, baby shower invites, wedding invites, nursery wall art and scrapbooking.

This watercolor design kit includes the following:

  • 41 individual elements including 5 panda babies,300 dpi, typical size of floral elements is about 4"x4";
  • 1 floral wreaths, png, 300 dpi, 6"x6";
  • 1 floral posy, png, 300 dpi, 3"x4";
  • 1 watercolor background, 300dpi, jpg, 5"x7";
  • 9 greeting card templates are included in 2 psd files, Adobe CC compatible, the font link is also included. There are also png and jpg format of the greeting cards at 300 dpi.

Please message me if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Corner Croft

Corner Croft

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